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Holiday Storage Ideas

Now is the time to begin thinking about how and where you are going to store your Holiday items after the season is over. You may be in the category of having an effective storage system that takes you from year to year. Others may struggle with finding the right containers to store those precious Holiday Items. I know that, in the past, I have stored items in cardboard boxes and smaller items in large tin cans. The cardboard boxes are DEFINITELY not "The Move", as there is a chance that you may begin to attract dust mites as a result. Take this opportunity to check out some of the storage options I have listed below. There may be some who could get some use out of the information that I have to share.

May I ask, do you have storage units for all of your holiday décor, are you storing it efficiently? Below I have listed storage units for individual holiday items. There are some that I didn’t even know existed! Check them out, it might spark up some ideas for your Holiday Storage Planning.

My Top 10 Holiday Storage Items

1. Reef Storing ~ Primode Christmas Wreath Storage for wreaths 24” to 36”

2. Wrapping Paper Storage ~ Zober Premium Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer. Stores 18 to 24 rolls @ 40” long

3. Lighting Storage Bag ~ Zober Christmas Light Storage Bag. Contains 3 Metal Reels to store lighting.

4. Ornament Organizer ~ Handy Laundry Christmas Ornament Storage. Holds up to 64 ornaments with adjustable dividers

5. Storage Bags ~ iwill Create Pro Ornament Storage offers a storage system for Seasonal Comforters, Holiday Clothing, Ornament Storage. Zip closure 27x5w / 16.5h /13.8d

6. Underbed Storage Box ~ By Zober. Stores up to 64 ornaments. Fits under most beds 6” in height

7. Christmas Tree Storage Bags ~ Elf Stor Bag offers Christmas Tree Bags 48’ in length / 15” in width / 20” in height

8. Gift Wrap Organizer ~ Hemoton Gift Wrap Storage Bag Hanging Wrapping Paper Organizer can store your wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon and bows

9. Figurine/Statue Storage ~ Household Essentials offers a Figurine Vision Storage Box Chest. Great for protecting fragile items and keeping them organized

10. Underbed Multi Unit Storage Unit ~ Holdin Storage Christmas Storage Organizer stores everything from wrapping paper to gift bags, ribbons and bows. Zip Closure, stands 6” high

Whether you use the suggested items or choose to go with another brand, you can at least get an idea of various storage tools to help you get organized and stay organized. Make your 2020 Holidays a streamlined success. Organize your Holiday Decor immediately after the season is over. Store the items in a space that is protected from the outside elements and in a space that is out of the way of common areas. After all, you only need to gain access to your decorating pieces once a year. And remember, organizational storage units are made for every season not just Christmas.

May your Holidays be filled with Love, Laughter, Peace and Joy. Be Blessed and Bless someone else. A short message from Deni~

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