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Introducing Deni

I am driving to work at 5am on a cold winter day with black ice on the road. All I can think about is how crazy this is! I have to get to the mall in time for work and risking my life while doing so. As a manager in retail, not only am I required to meet this demand, but I am also required to request the same from my team. 

How could I support company initiatives if there is no belief? There has to be a better way to meet the needs of the company while also meeting the criteria of ethics. At this moment, I realized there was more to life, more to living. I needed something I could control. I needed my own business. But with this thought, came another. I am 50 years old…Is it too late?

Hi, my name is Deni. I am a Mother, Athlete, Mentor, and NOW Business Owner. I was led to becoming a Full-Time Business Owner in an effort to have a better quality of life. As CEO of Perfect Space by Deni, LLC, I am now working on my own terms and doing something I have a passion for. Becoming a Professional Organizer was definitely the right fit for me.


As a mom working in retail, I often missed important holiday moments and special occasions. I dedicated the majority of my time to a career which was very demanding. When experiencing the birth of my Grandson, I knew having my own business would give me the opportunity to reclaim my time! I wanted more time with my family and for myself. I cannot alter the past, but I can create a more fulfilling future.


Working for a corporation requiring you to work 50+ hours a week, made it difficult to enjoy my favorite hobbies. While working in retail, I had very few weekends off which hindered my ability to participate in the things I enjoyed. Skiing, Cycling, and Horseback Riding are just a few of my FAVS. Running my own business allows me the time to do the things that I love.


I find it very important to give back to those in need which led me to becoming a mentor for young girls. Having flexibility with my time would give me the opportunity to become a great support to young girls having challenges with life circumstances. After all, I have been mentoring girls and women for years working on a leadership level. Working for myself now allows me the time to help my mentees learn and grow.

Business Owner

Working on my own terms, allows me time to achieve my monetary and missionary goals. I am now a legit Business Owner working towards my second year in business. Did I mention, age is nothing but a number? I would encourage you that you are NEVER too old, or too young, to start your own business. If you have the drive and the faith, all things are possible. I am living proof.

HERE I AM ~ Ready to Engage with my Followers on another level. This is the introduction to MY BLOG! Are you finding it tough to get motivated to start your organizational journey? Need tips on how to get started and maintain organization? Interested in Smart Products to use when maximizing space? How about tips on managing your time as a Mom, Wife, holding down a career and maybe working your side hustle? These are just a few of the topics that I will address in my Blog. In addition, I will invite all suggestions on ideas that you want to discuss.

For those who have been following and supporting me on IG @PerfectSpaceByDeni, thank you so very much for your support. For those who are just joining my journey, WELCOME! I started this blog as a way to keep an open line of communication with a group of people with a common goal, organizing their lives. I also wanted to create this platform to allow people to share ideas that can be discussed in future blog post!

I am SO EXCITED about my step into a new direction in an effort to grow, not only myself, but my business. Check me out for the latest BUZZ of the month.

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