• Deni Anderson

What Are You Thankful For?

Every year during this time, people begin to reflect on what they are thankful for. There are some who use their journals to record why and what they are grateful for. This year, for me, my gratitude is taking a turn. Daily, I thank GOD for my health, my working limbs and the ability to use my senses. I also express gratitude for a loving family and caring friends. There are times that I dig deeper into the luxury of having running hot water, clean water to drink and a roof over my head. Sounds simple and familiar? This year, during this time of 'Thanks', I would like to express my Gratitude for my Clients.

As you know, after reading my introductory blog, I worked in the field of retail for many years. During that time, I have had the luxury to deal with respectful customers and some that were not too friendly. Ok, let me just say it. Some were just straight up RUDE! Regardless of the customers demeanor, as a company representative, I was responsible for keeping my composure. It was non-negotiable, if I wanted to keep my job. But let me pause and ask, do you think the customer is always right? Let me ask another question, have you had to deal with an associate that was condescending or giving you bad vibes? I am sure you have witnessed a heated moment between a customer and an associate, if not, had to deal with an associate who were rude to you.

As I grew in the field of retail, I began to realize that the customer will be granted their wishes at a drop of a dime. PERIOD. Corporate will stand by a customer regardless of the situation. As a young manager coming out of college, I remember taking complaints, or outlandish request, personally. Everything was black and white. If it was a company policy, I was going to follow the guidelines to the letter. I later learned that there was an area by the name of grey. The area of, I had better fix the problem before corporate gets wind of the issue. Later in my career I learned that I had to be that leader to transform the thinking of managers to understand that the customer perception can make or break their experience. In addition, I had to help them to understand that taking customer issues, personally, does not help the situation.

Owning my own business has made me realize that my clients are EVERYTHING to me. They help to pay my bills, they drive business for me through word of mouth and social media platforms, and they also encourage me to elevate myself through exposure. I am beyond Thankful for my clients. I work hard to ensure I provide top notch service with a heart of compassion. Accommodating the needs of the customer, through active listening, is a key component to building a level of trust. So to answer my own question of, "Is the Customer Always Right", YES when it come to my clients. I am very clear on the fact that one bad experience can grow into a bad quarter and even a bad year of sales. My clients are my Bread and Butter. Without them I am lost, I am not profitable, I will not grow.

Thanks to all my clients and future clients. I am Perfect Space By Deni ~ I work for YOU!

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